Har HaZeitim — The Mount of Olives — is Judaism’s oldest and holiest cemetery, the resting place of more than 150,000 Jewish souls. And yet through neglect and acts of hatred, it has been desecrated, its graves destroyed, and its visitors and mourners attacked. It is time to take a stand.

The International Committee for the Preservation of Har HaZeitim (ICPHH) is committed to stopping the defilement of this hallowed ground. Your support will help insure that fences are built, security cameras installed and monitored, police patrols increased, and tough new laws on desecration of graves and on violence against mourners and visitors are passed in the Knesset.

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Due to the ongoing unrest in Jerusalem and elsewhere, it is best to exercise caution throughout the country. Israel has increased its security presence on Har Hazeitim and there were relatively few incidents on the mountain itself. If you are planning to go to Har Hazeitim,  it is best to arrange for the Har Hazeitim security escort (the phone number is listed in the Security section of this site) to accompany you. Please watch this site for further updates!


Latest News on Har Hazeitim

Foreign journalists visiting desecrated graves on Har Hazeitim on Thursday September 24th, led by Jeff Daube and Josh Wander of the ICPHH Israeli chapter.


Notables Buried on Har HaZeitim