Har Hazeisim is located in the midst of dangerous East Jerusalem Arab neighborhoods, an area where rocks are occasionally thrown at mourners and visitors. It has been subject to the desecration of graves. With your help, the ICHH has

  • Has successfuly installed surveillance cameras
  • Has persuaded the Israeli government to establish a police substation
  • Arranged regular maintenance

But a protective wall is desperately needed. A wall that is impregnable, that includes sophisticated electronic gear. You can be a protector of Har HaZeisim by contributing to our Build The Wall campaign.

Patron of the Wall $1000
Benefactor of the Wall $500
Supporter of the Wall $250
Chai Wall Supporter $150
Meah Wall Supporter $100

Make your donation safely through

Or send your check to:
International Committee for Har HaZeisim (ICHH)
P.O. Box 190427
Brooklyn, NY  11219

Please include the note “Build the Wall.”

Notables Buried on Har HaZeitim