Restore A Kever

The ICPHH works on many levels, from affecting legislation to providing public information. But nothing is more rewarding than the physical restoration of grave stones that have been damaged by vandalism. There are 3 ways to restore a kever:

  • $1,800: Sponsor the complete restoration of a kever, including foundation, and actual tombstone (matzeivah).
  • $1,250: Sponsor the repair and refurbishment of a partially destroyed grave.
  • $1,000: Participate in general grave restoration program in a particular section.

You can become a general sponsor of the project by:

  • $500: Member of the Grave Restoration Program on Har Hazeisim with mention on plaque.
  • $250: Supporter of the Grave Restoration Program.

Call 718.854.4450 to find out more.

Make your earmarked donation safely through

Or send your check to:
International Committee for the Preservation of Har HaZeisim (ICPHH)
P.O. Box 190427
Brooklyn, NY  11219

Please include the note: “Restore a Kever”

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