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MK Rabbi Yisrael Eichler addressing the assembled  Menachem Lubinsky briefing the Yarchei Kallah participants on progress that was made by the ICPHH in preserving and developing Har Hazeitim Rabbi Yossie Deutsch, First Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, greeting noted Jewish leader Malcolm Hoenlein From left: Menachem Lubinsky, Rabbi Yossi Deutsch, and Malcolm Hoenlein Part of the 150 Yarchei Kallah participants making their way to the gravesites of many Gedolei Yisrael on Har Hazeitim Posing on what of the magnificent observation points on Har Hazeitim Saying tehilim in front of grave of Jewish activist Yisrael Lefkowitz z”l, l-r Rabbi Shlomo Gertzulin, E. Hirsch, Menachem Lubinsky, Menachem Shayovich, and Shimon Lefkowitz (son) Posing on Har Hazeitim Guide Meyer Eisenman standing atop of wall with a direct line view of the Har Habayit The group makes its way down to the gravesite of the saintly Orach Chaim Exiting Har Hazeitim to walk across the street to the gravesite of the saintly Orach Chaim

Notables Buried on Har HaZeitim