Security Update for Visitors Updated 1/1/2018

We are pleased to report that thanks to the efforts of the ICHH over these last few years, the security situation on Har Hazeitim is vastly improved. Since October 2015 there were few incidents (i.e. desecrated graves and rocks thrown) on Har Hazeitim itself. Police and border police units regularly patrol the area, both on the mountain and on the access roads. The 173 surveillance cameras are monitored 24/7, the police station is staffed, and a new fence has been completed on the Eastern section of the holy mountain. It has been safe to visit without any escort. You may still wish to use the government sponsored Private Security escort services by calling 02-627-1598. or the ICHH Tour and VIP services (see below).

PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning to use the security service, you MUST call at least 24 hours in advance to arrange a meeting point at or near Har Hazeitim. On some days, the security service may not be available due to levayot or heavy usage. The security service will accompany you to one site only for a maximum of 40 minutes. You can use either a West Jerusalem taxi or private vehicle to travel to Har Hazeitim. Please note: the guards are not permitted to drive you in their vehicle.

Should you encounter a problem, please urgently call 100 for Police or 101 for Ambulance.

By all means, visit the holy and historic Har Hazeitim cemetery. A tour of Har Hazeitim will take you through 3000-years of Jewish history. Tens of thousands of Jews have come back in recent months. It is SAFE!

Notables Buried on Har HaZeitim