Historic Mission of ICHH Wins Broad Support from Prime Minister, Knesset, Chief Rabbis, President and Mayor on Future of Har Hazeisim

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Mission Participants Knesset Launches Largest Caucus in History of Knesset …

December 8, 2017

New Bus Line to Har Hazeisim First of Many Transportation Improvements to Har Hazeisim

Regular bus service to Har Hazeisim is being launched on Sunday December 3rd as part …

November 30, 2017

Knesset to Host Historic Event for Har Hazeisim on December 5th, MK Yoav ben Zur Announces during US Visit

New York…The Knesset will host a historic day of events in support of Har Hazeisim …

August 8, 2017

Notables Buried on Har HaZeitim